You’ve worked hard on your book, and you have a vision for it. Every ebook I make is optimized and customized to look the way you want it.

Since each project is different, you should contact me for a quote. Before we start working together, your manuscript should be complete and edited, and saved as either a .doc, .docx, pdf, or InDesign file.

Below is a list of my services and information on how I work.

What You Can Expect

Phone Consultation/Estimate: We start with a phone call, where we go over everything you want in your ebook. Then I send you an estimate for the work. See more details of what getting an estimate entails here.

Sample File (for complex ebooks): Next I provide you with a sample EPUB that showcases all the design elements we discussed on the phone.

Revise: If there is anything in the sample you want changed, the EPUB is revised and sent back to you for review.

EPUB Conversion: I create the first EPUB version of the ebook.

MOBI Conversion: I create a MOBI version of the ebook.

Validate: The ebook goes through three validation tools to ensure it will be accepted by all major retailers.

Quality Assurance: The ebook is checked on five different reading devices (Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook Touch, and Nook Tablet) to ensure it looks good. Other factors, such as working links, consistent formatting, and metadata, are also checked.

Review: You review the final product. If any changes need to be made, the ebook will be validated and checked for quality again, and sent back for another review.

Additional Conversion Services

Embedded Fonts: Use specific fonts for certain paragraphs. Must have proof of font license.

Enhancements: For EPUB3 files (does not currently work on all tablets and ereaders). Includes audio and video.

Text Magnification: For children’s books on Kindle Fire. Add region magnification so when you tap on the text, it’s magnified.

Read Aloud: For children’s books on iPad. If you provide me with an audio file, I can have the text be highlighted as it’s narrated.

Other: Have requirements that aren’t listed? Just ask!

Other Services

Diagnose: In addition to converting ebooks to MOBI and EPUB, I provide diagnostic services. Have you made your ebook, but keep getting error messages? Send the file my way and I’ll fix it for you.

Follow-up: After your ebook is finished, you can email me anytime with follow up questions or requests for minor changes for free (up to 30). See the FAQs for details.

Distribution: For an additional fee, I will upload your ebook to the retail channels so you can start selling.